Online work for Mr. Sawyers at Kaiwen Academy

​AP Students - Click here for a recent article about traditional AP testing being cancelled for this year -- students in the U.S. will be given an online testing option that will only be 45 minutes and will only cover information from the first half the semester. It is unknown if international students will be able to take this test.

U.S. History - test will be on units 1-7.
World History - test will be on unit 1-6.

Click here for info from the The College Board about exam format, dates, and additional exam information.

Turning in work - During our last class of each week, you will take that time to finish any work and then send a picture of your finished work to and include your name in the subject line. This way I can keep the gradebook updated and you will get credit for the work. If you do not send me a photo of the work it will be recorded as a zero so make sure you do not forget to submit all your work.

Take care and be safe. . . . will see you again soon.