Krystal and Ada,

Ola!!!!! Como estas???? Sorry for all the problems going on but we just have to roll with it. If you will email me at I will send you the review work we are currently doing. According to the school we cannot cover new information at this time so you are just going to do some review work using your old notes, notecards, and your computer to look things up. Write a brief but accurate definition. 

Click here to link to the next set of terms you need.

Click here to the terms you will need for assignments 6 and 7.

Assignment 1 - do the 1st set of terms on the worksheet.
Assignment 2 - do the 2nd set of terms on the worksheet.
Assignment 3 - do terms 24 - 33 on the worksheet.
Assignment 4 - do the terms 34 - 43 on the worksheet.
Assignment 5 - do all of the terms on the new review sheet (there are 10 of them).
Assignment 6 - do the terms 1-7 on the new worksheet.
Assignment 7 - do the terms 8-17 on the worksheet.

Click here to link to the chapter you will need from the book. The first time you click on this link it will take a minute or two to load. After that, when you click on the link again it should load pretty quickly.

APUS History time period review (4 pages).

APUS History terms and names to know.